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Wide Parting Topper by The Gorgeous Hair

Wide Parting Topper - Size 3 x 5"

Hair Topper - Size 2 X 5

Hair Topper - Size 2 X 5"

Volume Topper - Size 5 X 5"

Best for overall crown coverage
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Gorgeous Silk-Base Volume and Length Topper is the most premium and NATURAL LOOKING hair topper in the market. The silk parting on the topper exactly looks like your own scalp making it impossible for anybody to detect that you have worn something. These toppers look absolutely real and perfect.

Volume and Length Topper is best used for:

  • Overall Crown Coverage
  • Hiding Scalp visibility
  • Covering Bald Spots/ Scanty hair
  • Hiding Grey hair 
  • Lifting front and crown volume
  • Adding little length and volume all over the head

Product Specifications:

  • Made from 100% Natural Human Hair 
  • Can be Washed, Curled or Colored
  • Size of the Mini-Topper is 5 X 5inches
  • Light-Weight around 70-80 grams
  • Silk-Parting
  • Seamless Blend
  • Easy-To-Wear with Clips
  • Lifespan: 1-2 years if worn on a daily basis

How To Choose Right Size Of Hair Topper?

Relax! You can easily decide the right size of topper that will suit you. The only difference between Silk Mini-Topper and Silk Volume and Length Topper is just the PATCH SIZE.

Silk Mini-Topper is advisable if you have minor thinning/ bald spots or just want little volume on the top while Silk Volume and Length Topper is best if you have major crown thinning/ scalp visibility or want to have an overall crown coverage with minimal length and volume

Care and Maintenance: Human Hair Toppers should be cared for and pampered just like your own hair. However, It is advisable to wash them only after 20-25 wears as hair extensions do not receive natural oils from the scalp, they need not to be washed on a regular basis. 

How to Wash and Store Gorgeous Hair Extensions?

  • Wash your Hair Extensions using Sulphate-Free Shampoo. Condition the end well with a mild-conditioner
  • After Washing, de-tangle the extensions by just running your fingers through them before letting them air dry. Avoid excessive heating
  • Brush your hair extensions from bottom working your way up
  • Store your hair extensions with love. Deposit them in a box that is big enough to accommodate them. Make sure they are lied down nicely, detangled and not in a pile
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