Human Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions

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Retain your youthful appeal with our Hair Extensions. Our premium quality hair extensions are specifically designed to cater to your hair thinning needs. Our products can be used for good years based on your use and maintenance. Whether you wish to use them occasionally or for daily purposes, our product can guarantee top-notch solutions

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Human hair extensions come with real hair strands which is attached to natural hair to add length, volume, or color. Hair Extensions come in various types that is Clip in hair extensions, tape-in extensions, hair toppers for women, full head hair wigs and glue hair extensions.
Hair Extensions on an average last from 6 months to 1 year. Gorgeous hair extensions are made from human hair and has premium hair quality so they last up to 3-4 years depending on the care and maintenance of hair extensions.
Yes, the clip-in extensions work for people with fine hair. However, you should choose the hair extensions according to your hair which is light-weight and easy to wear. Gorgeous Clip-in hair extensions are seamless and blends easily with your natural hair.
Gorgeous Fringe extensions or clip-in bangs can be used easily. Simply position it along your natural hairline and secure it with clips. Fringe extensions are best human hair extensions for women for an instant makeover without trimming your own natural hair.
It is very easy to maintain Gorgeous Hair clip in hair bun. Gently brush out the tangles, avoid excessive heat, and store them in soft satin bag to increase the durability of clip in hair bun.
Yes, Gorgeous Hair all the products are made from 100% Human Hair. These are best real hair extensions to add volume, length, and color to your natural hair. These clip-in hair extensions are available for both short and long hair. We also customize real hair extensions for curly hair.
Price for human hair extensions depends on the length and weight of hair extensions. The price range starts from INR 499/- to INR 16000/- It is advisable to compare the price keeping in mind hair quality, weight, and length of human hair extensions.
No, real hair extensions don’t damage your natural hair until they are applied correctly. It is very easy to apply real hair extensions, they need to be secured with clips along your natural hairline and blended properly.
Yes, Gorgeous Hair provides curly hair extensions according to your hair texture. We also customize them as per your requirements.