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I-Tip Hair Extensions/ Micro Ring Extensions

Permanent Hair Solution
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I-Tip Hair Extensions/ Micro Ring Extensions is one of the most popular types of Permanent Hair Extensions. With Tape-in Extensions you don't have to worry about your hair-do. They look gorgeous and perfect all the time. 

I-tip Hair Extension/ Micro Ring Extensions: Your Forever Partner

I-Tip / Micro Ring Extensions is one of the latest and undetectable hair extension techniques to get instant length and volume all over the head. It is absolutely safe without heat or glue. It is simply attached with a loop tool and micro rings/ beads combining strands of natural hair with the extension hair.

Application And Removal

The Application and Removal of I-Tip/ Micro Ring Hair Extensions needs to be done by a professional hair expert. A trained stylist will apply and remove the extensions gently without harming your original hair. We at Gorgeous Hair, have trained experts to help you for the same. It is the absolutely safest form of Hair Extensions if done under right assistance.

Refilling/ Servicing Time: 2-3 months

Durability: 1-2 years depending on your care, usage and maintenance

Why choose Gorgeous I-Tip/ Micro-Ring Hair Extensions ?

  • 100% Natural Human Hair - Premium Quality
  • Lays flat on your hair
  • Can be used multiple times
  • Easy-to-maintain as gets fixed into your hair and need not remove everyday
  • Provides instant length and volume
  • Makes your hair look gorgeous all the time
  • Can be worn to Workout, Swim or Shower

How To Take Care Of I-tip? Micro Ring Hair Extensions?

If you are using I-Tip/ MIcro-Ring  Extensions, be sure to wash your hair less frequently and use a good dry shampoo. Be careful about the amount of water on your hair. The extensions should be moved up every 2-3 months. The hair should be clipped at night before you sleep.

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