At one point of time, everyone has to encounter grey and scanty hair. Sooner or later, every women undergoes this phase. This blog will assist you how to cover Grey and Scanty Hair naturally.

There are many possible ways for premature greying such as Genetics, Stress, Thyroid, Pollution, etc. Moreover, in today’s busy routine you hardly make time to take care of your hair and skin. Also, at the same time, looking presentable is a necessity. Whether it’s in office, party, formal or an informal function, hair has to be perfect.

The Gorgeous Hair Topper is a best solution to cover grey and scanty hair naturally. Topper is basically a hair patch that covers your crown area and uplifts overall length and volume. Whether it’s a bald spot, hair thinning, scantiness, hair loss or grey hair, Toppers work for all of them.



The Gorgeous Hair Topper is made up of 100% Natural Human Hair. Hence, these are washable. Also, you can curl or colour them as per desired look. You can style them the way you like. Lots of people are worried about how to wear them and will they we be able wear hair toppers on their own. Well, trust us these are super easy-to-wear with no professional help. It has 4-5 clips on it which can be clipped in and out whenever you want.

The Gorgeous Hair Topper is handmade using a silk based net which makes the product light-weight and comfortable to carry all day long. The silk base is important as it absorbs heat and sweat and protects your scalp naturally. We are happy to serve loads of women with Alopecia, Thyroid, and Hair Loss Diseases who wears them daily loving both look and comfort. You can wear them daily to your work places and carry the same piece in a party styled in a different way. It’s a best solution to cover grey and scanty hair. As it covers the crown area completely, hence, there is no need for monthly root touch ups.



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So, this is our way to cover grey and scanty hair naturally. We are sure it will work perfectly for your hair and make you look gorgeous and confident!