If you love your hair and try to keep it strong and healthy, it is essential to protect your hair while sleeping. Here we present to you 5 Ways to protect your Hair while Sleeping.

You could be tossing and turning and unintentionally pulling or creating friction, or you could make a habit of going to bed wearing an elastic band in your hair for eight-plus hours which may break or weaken them. Therefore, it’s really important to protect your hair while sleeping in the following ways:


1. Dry your hair before going to the bed

Washing hair at night after a long tiring day is always blissful. But keep in mind, hair is at its most vulnerable state when it’s wet, so it’s super important to dry your hair completely before going to bed. If you wash your hair at night, we suggest giving yourself an extra hour or two to allow your hair to air dry or invest in a great hair dryer to avoid tangling. Always remember to apply a heat protect-ant spray to speed up blow drying time and combat damage.


2. Sleep on Silk Pillowcases

Silk is a gentler fabric as compared to cotton. But it will be a worthy investment for your hair. The smaller fibres of silk prevents excessive damage to your hair while tossing and turning overnight.


3. Brush your hair before bed

Always brush your hair from bottom to top before going to bed. It is advisable to brush hair using a paddle brush to avoid tangles/ breakage. Brushing hair every night is natural way to healthy and shinier hair.


4. Apply an overnight treatment

Being hair lovers, it’s highly important to nurture and nourish them timely. It is advisable to apply hair mask before going to bed, leaving it to an overnight treatment to repair and hydrate them. You can follow this 1-2 times a month. You can always use coconut oil as a treatment for natural and shinier hair.


5. Remove your hair extensions before going to bed

Removing your The Gorgeous Clip-in hair extensions while sleeping is must! However, they won’t cause any damage to your hair entire day but wearing them to bed may cause excessive tangling/ damage both to your hair and extensions. Therefore, always remove your hair extensions before going to bed.

We hope all these measures if followed properly will help your hair to stay longer, healthier and stronger overnight.

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Till then, Look Gorgeous, Look Confident!