Winter care for your wig and hair extensions

WINTER IS COMING, it is not just a dialogue of a popular TV series, it is actually knocking on the door. And it is high time to take proper care of your hair wigs and extensions so that it will last long.

Just like your own hair, you must take proper care of your hair wigs and extensions during the winter season. The winter season is really very harsh and tough on wigs and hair extensions, that’s why you should do the things which are important to maintain the beauty of the wig and extensions.

As with your skin, your hair also has some different needs in different seasons. You wouldn’t like it if your skin becomes dry during the winter season, the same as with your wigs and extensions. 

You should switch shampoos and conditions for those better suited to meet your hair’s winter needs. The cold season will dry out all the moisture from your wigs and hair extensions. To protect your hair wigs and extension you should switch all your summer hair care products to those that offer a hydration boost. You can choose moisture-rich shampoos and conditioners that have been designed to meet the needs of extensions and natural hair both. 

In the winter season pay attention to how often you wash your wigs and extensions! Regular washing or overwashing quill ultimately strips the wig and extensions of their natural hair. Wigs and extensions don't have the ability to regain the natural oil like your natural hair, so pay attention to this.

Wash you’re real hair wigs and extensions every other day. If you use your extensions regularly, then it is better to use dry shampoo, also you should buy some extra pairs of hair extensions to manage your weeks.

Using heat styling tools in low temperatures can also damage your wigs and extensions. It is proven that the low humidity inside and outside can ruin the quality of the extensions. Try to air dry your hair wigs extensions after washing them, and also reduce the usage of the straightener and curing iron.

However, take care of your hair extensions and wigs properly so you don't have to buy a new one. Take time to know what to do more for hair care that you get through the winter months with your hair and extensions looking fresh and near perfect.