Why Choose Human Hair Extensions Over Synthetic Extensions

Whether you are buying a hair extension for the first time or you are aware of the price of the hair extensions, the price difference is a lot when virgin hair extensions. Knowing how much extensions cost is a good look for your style and your budget.

If you are buying hair extensions for the first time then this is your blog! This blog will explain the average cost of hair extensions and the most important difference between synthetic hair extensions and real hair extensions

Real Hair Extensions

But first, you should know how much hair extensions actually cost! There is plenty of information you can find on Google about the price. However, it depends on you, as to what kind of hair extensions you are looking for! 

While you are planning to buy hair extensions, you must aware of the cost, also you should look at the key factors as well, such as, how often you wear them. Do you ever prefer clip-in hair extensions? Is it necessary to buy hair extensions according to natural hair length? And many more! 

Not only that, but you should also know why synthetic hair extensions cost less than actual human hair extensions! 

The most simple answer is that synthetic hair extensions are not that much durable as real human hair extensions. Although synthetic hair extensions come in various sizes and different colors so if you’re one of those who love to experiment with their look then you can easily choose hair extensions without any issues! Synthetic hair extensions are not as expensive as real human hair extensions, but they are not able to style with any kind of hair styling items, such as you cannot able to use a straightener, curler, or anything else! The labels on synthetic hair extensions can vary.

No matter the application, synthetic hair extensions are on the less expensive side, but depending on how frequently you wear them or how you care for them, you can find yourself purchasing more of them more frequently. The normal lifespan of synthetic hair extensions is one to three months. They frequently have a very low heat tolerance or are not heat resistant. For your safety, we should point out that heat and synthetic materials do not get along, and using extreme heat could result in melting or burning the extensions.

While on the other hand, the actual hair extensions are totally different from the synthetic ones! Human hair extensions are made from various types of human hair. Depending on how well they are taken care of and how frequently they are used, human hair extensions can cost as little high as regular synthetic ones. They can last anywhere from three months to a year or more. Not only that, you can style Remy hair extensions with any kind of hair extensions, and they won't get burned! With quality styling products you can easily and safely style your extensions. If you buy human hair extensions from The Gorgeous Hair, then you can dye them in any color you want! The Remi hair extensions from our website are the most desirable as it is literally made of the same material as your own natural hair, they blend very well!

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