What Is The Perfect Way Store Your Hair Extensions

Storing your hair in the wrong manner can leave them in a mess. Everyone deserves to have their hair looking the best. And with a little help can make a huge twist. With hair extensions for women, you can make your hair more stylish. Choosing the right storage method can make a difference in maintaining the quality of your hair extensions. The following blog helps you find the options for how to store your hair extensions properly. 

What Is The Perfect Way Store Your Hair Extensions?

Condition and wash your hair extensions
Reverse the hair washing facilitates shiny hair extensions. Some shampoos can be quite harsh so, gentle conditioning of your hair is a gentle process to keep it looking good and clean. 

Add treatment oil 
Some amount of Argan oil can keep your hair looking glossy and shining. Add some amount of oil and allow the hair to get dried. 

Use luxury Bonnie lush hair hanger 
You can choose a new luxury hair hanger to find perfect hairstyles. In this case, you can find great tools like straighteners or hairdryers. If you choose to air dry, using this product can be an ideal option to avoid using heat. This wooden clamp hanger comes in a varnished black. 

Sealable bags
Transparent sealable bags are a wise option for storing your extensions. Always ensure that your extensions are clean before placing them in the bag. This would help in preventing mold formation. If you want to be organized, you can buy a hair extension storage bag. 

Storing your hair extensions in a silk bag or storing them in a silk pillowcase. This can help in reducing friction. 

Things to maintain: 

  • The ideal thing about hair extensions is, it does not need any special type of container. 
  • Keep them in a cool, dry place
  • It is advisable to choose a room that does not have much moisture, as hair extensions are not like your normal hair type (as they can absorb any kind of wetness). Excess moisture can result in matting when the roots get intertwined. It is advisable to keep it away from sunlight. Direct sunlight can lighten your hair extensions. 

Final Thoughts
Hair extension storage is a vital part of your tresses’ aftercare. The right storage of your hair will ensure that your investment will last. Managing tangled extensions is impossible to deal with. After you use your extensions, place them in the right place. At The Gorgeous Hair, our premium quality hair extensions are designed to meet your hair thinning requirements. Whether you wish to use them regularly or occasionally, by using our high-quality products you can find the latest solutions. Speak to our experts to know more about hair extensions online. Visit our websites to clarify any doubts you have.