Topper Hair Extensions

Stress, Genetics, Post-partum Hair Loss, Medical Treatment or any fatal disease. Hair Thinning or Hair Loss can lower your confidence at any age. It has become a common problem these days. A lot of women have flat hair or fine hair which makes them conscious of their look. The Gorgeous Hair Extensions give you a perfect solution to solve this challenge and gain back your lost confidence.

Topper Hair Extensions are very openly used these days to cover baldness, thinning hair and at the same time lengthen your existing hair as well. If you have lost hair on your crown area, Topper hair extensions are for you. This blog will tell you everything about what and how to use Topper Hair Extensions.


Topper Hair extensions are seamless, easy to wear extensions designed for the women with hair thinning or hair loss on the crown and top of head for length and volume. It is also recommended to the ones who have flat or fine hair as it gives volume and coverage on top. It is lightweight and very easy to use. It weighs around 85 grams. The Gorgeous Hair Crown Topper has four clips attached to it which makes the application very easy. No salon help is required for its application. Toppers come in different styles, sizes and thickness. By simply clipping the extensions, toppers give you instant volume on your crown area maintaining your natural look. Don’t worry, it looks natural and unnoticeable.

The Gorgeous Hair Toppers have a silk base which makes the user feel comfortable. The quality of base plays an important role as it lets the oxygen to pass in and avoids boils/ infection on the head in spite wearing the hair patch for long hours.


Wigs serves a different purpose all together. Toppers give you coverage on one targeted area whereas Wigs give you complete coverage all over the head and gives a new makeover. If you have scanty hair, Wigs are not for you. In that case, Topper Hair Extensions would be an ideal solution to cover your receding hair line without changing your natural look. Toppers are clipped inside your existing hair whereas Wigs work with a Wig Cap giving altogether a new look.


It is necessary to follow good Hair Care routine to maintain healthy the lifespan of your Hair Extensions. Selection of right shampoo must be done with utmost care. It is advisable to use a Sulphate Free Shampoo while washing your Hair Extensions. You need not over-wash the product every day. It has to be washed once after 20-25 wears. Excessive washing can lessen its lifespan. Conditioning of topper should be done to maintain Shine, Smoothness and its texture.  Cold or lukewarm water should be used to clean your hair toppers.

So now you are ready to gain your lost confidence and thrive the world with your Gorgeous Hair!

YOU, know who’s Gorgeous?

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