Top 5 Commonly Asked Questions For Chemo Wigs

Cancer is indeed a very practical condition that not only affects a patient physically but also affects mentally as well. It breaks a person from the inside and stress, anxiety, disgust, and irritation become the most common feelings in a patient. We all know this is a very painful journey that no one can even imagine. 

There are a few little things which can bring positivity and happiness in this journey in the cancer patient’s life, and one of them is cancer wigs. There are many patients who have doubts about whether is it okay to buy a cancer wig or not! There are plenty of proofs that says cancer wigs can cause irritation in your scalp or look fake.   

Top 5 Commonly Asked Questions For Chemo Wigs

However, if you are a cancer patient and you are struggling with the thought is it okay to buy a wig or not then this blog is for you. In our blog, you will get to know the top most commonly asked questions about the wigs which are perfectly designed for cancer patients.   

So let's move on to the questions… 

Question 1. For cancer patients, is it okay to use synthetic wigs? 
Well, in reality, there are two types of wigs available in the market, one is made out of natural human hair and two is created with synthetic hair. Wigs made of original human hair are a little expensive compared to synthetic ones. Not only that, synthetic wigs are very low maintenance whereas human hair wigs need more care such as weekly shampooing, and conditioning to maintain the natural look.  

But it is always better to use wigs which are made out of natural hair, due to all the chemotherapy and medications, the scalp can be sensitive toward toxic things and there are plenty of hair extension and wig-making companies out there that specifically make wigs for cancer patients just like us! Always remember, buying good quality hair wigs from a well-known place is actually beneficial in the long run.   

Question 2. What is the material of the wig?
Understanding the material is critical for comfort and a natural look. Chemo wigs  are available in synthetic fibres or natural human hair. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, such as cost, maintenance, and style options. 

Question 3. Do the wigs look natural?  
Another very popular question asked by cancer patients is whether the wigs look natural or not! Well, if you buy wigs from any random company then it will not look natural, whereas if you buy products from companies like us, The Gorgeous Hair then it will genuinely look natural. As our products are made out of original human hair and the base is specially made for cancer patients so you won't feel any irritation on your scalp. All you need to do is buy wigs according to your natural hair. We do our best to create the best wigs for cancer patients so that they can look and feel beautiful.  

Question 4. Are wigs adjustable? 
According to medical science, there are plenty of patients who have experienced changes in the size of their heads due to hair loss from chemotherapy.  Wigs with adjustable straps or other customization options can provide a more secure and comfortable fit, accommodating fluctuations in head size.     

Question 5. How do I take care of and clean my wig?
A chemo wig's durability and attractiveness depend on proper care and upkeep. Washing, styling, and storage concerns are prevalent. Depending on the material, certain care recommendations may be required to keep the wig in good shape. 

When you are exploring wigs for cancer patients, you can ask for recommendations from your doctor. However, we are here for you with our best wigs for chemo patients also provide guidance on selecting the right wig based on personal preferences, lifestyle, and medical needs. Additionally, asking about the wig's breathability, weight, and overall comfort is crucial, especially for those going through the challenges of chemotherapy. So buy our wigs, look beautiful and feel beautiful from inside. 

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