Tape In Hair Extensions In Mumbai

Hair is the best accessory that a woman wears. Every girl dreams to have Long and Gorgeous hair. However, In Today’s fast moving era, there is hardly any time to take care of your own hair and give the necessary nourishment. This is leading to Hair Loss, Hair Fall, Hair Thinning, Hair Balding and much more. Therefore, it is very important to follow good hair care routine.

You might be wandering how to get back the lost hair and attain that natural look or enhance your Gorgeous Hair by adding extra volume and length.

Here, we reveal the secret to achieve Long, Smooth and Voluminous Hair permanently:


Tape-In Extensions are thin tape wefts that gets “Taped-In” between your hairs like a “sandwich”.  These extensions are about an inch wide. One very thin strip of natural hair goes in between two strips of hair extensions. They are uniquely applied to lay completely seamless and undetectable in the hair giving longer, fuller and more voluminous look. Tape- in extensions are the latest in technique compared to other extension styles.


It is really important to have a skilled professional install your extensions for the best results. The precise amount of hair that goes in between each tape-in and how straight the section needs to be is impossible to do by yourself. The placement of the extensions plays a big role in weather or not they are going to look natural. If the person installing your extensions isn’t trained to place them correctly, people may be able to see them and they could also end up too close to your scalp or set diagonally, which might make you feel uncomfortable.

The best way to ensure natural-looking extensions is to make sure they are evenly distributed throughout your hair. Make sure that the volume of the extensions, length, cut and style matches all around. The stylist can always trim the hair to blend the extensions. Also they should never be applied too close to the front hairline where it can be seen. Always leave a good amount of your own hair out on the top and sides to ensure coverage of the tape-in weft.


You need a professional stylist to remove them for you. A trained stylist needs to gently remove the extensions so they can be reused again and again. The ease of application and removal are equally important as is the quality of extensions. An alcohol-based solution is sprayed right at the root of the extensions which peels them off. The alcohol dilutes down the glue and allows the extensions to slip right off the hair with no residue left behind. The re-taping should be done after eight weeks on an average.


If you are using Tape Extensions, be sure to wash your hair less frequently and use a good dry shampoo. Be careful about the amount of water on your hair. The extensions should be moved up every six to eight weeks. The hair should be clipped at night before you sleep.


Tape-In Extensions lie flat which gives more natural look. It is installed without any tools, allowing for less amount of time in hair. You also don’t have to wear them for a long period of time if you get sick of the styles fast. The base of the extensions is very thin to create sleek and flat look in your hair. It is also the newest, innovation extension to hit the market.

So, are you ready to get your Dream Hair done? Remember, Life is short. Make your every hair flip fabulous.