Summer Season And Hair Extensions - Are They Contemporary?

Hair extensions are a fun way to enhance one’s beauty as well as confidence, as they are able to increase beauty instantly. But in India the summer season becomes very hot, and in the hot weather sometimes the hair extensions need extra protection to hold it’s shiny and healthy look.  

Summer season means extreme heat of sun, dryness, pollution which can easily cost a harm to your extension. As your extensions don't get any good thing from your scalp. You will need a hair extension that keeps you from perspiring a lot throughout the heat. Swimming in chlorine water, or doing parties in crowded places leaves you with dry and tangled hair extensions. According to many professional hair stylists, hair extensions need proper care especially in the summer season to keep them looking beautiful and gorgeous all season long.  

Summer Season And Hair Extensions - Are They Contemporary?

Try not to use any random products on your hair extensions, it will ruin your hair extension from the core! Before using any product make sure the product is made for extension usages. Nowadays many women use salt spray hair products to get a beach look in the summer season. If you are using hair extensions, you should avoid this one. As these products mainly contain alcohol and salt which makes hair extensions extremely dry and leave them to become frizzy and tangled. Instead of that you can try to use a leave-in conditioner which helps to hold the curls and bouncy look.   

According to the professional hair stylists, hair extensions generally take on much more heat damage during the summer season for various reasons, so it is really important to give that extra spa time to your real hair extensions at home by applying deep conditioning treatment. Staying dedicated to using a restorative treatment weekly will add extra moisture that you are lacking and prevent further breakage, while leaving you with lush and shiny hair extensions. 

Rinse before you swim to prevent excessive drying, breakage, and even discoloration of your hair! To lessen the absorption of chlorine and salt, take the time to rinse your hair with water before going for a swim. Because dry hair absorbs moisture like a sponge, having a dip without adding extra moisture may result in you absorbing more harmful substances that could harm your hair and any extensions you may have. When swimming, try not to damp your hair too much since this can weaken the ties. 

You will need a hair extension that keeps you from perspiring a lot throughout the heat. Heavy and synthetic hair extension will cause the release of more water from the hair resulting in the hair losing more moisture and losing its appeal. Silk bases in hair extensions are light in weight, and that makes them one of the best accessories to wear during the hot season. The lightweight nature will ensure that they don’t pull your hair and cause damage. You can also go with micro hair extensions which will give you a 100% natural look. They are made of 100% human hair which makes it easy to choose one that easily blends with your hair. The extensions will seamlessly blend with your hair and will be invisible. They are thin and when on your hair you hardly feel them. 

So it is totally up to you how you are going to handle your beloved hair extensions. Here at The Gorgeous Hair, we understand that hair extensions for women hold a strong place in their mind, so it is always better to know how to take care of the favourite things. Hope this blog become a great help to you and your beloved hair extensions.