Reasons To Choose Human Hair Extensions Over Synthetic Hair

There are very few professionally certified 100% Human Hair Extensions brands in India.
Therefore, you need to research and be knowledgeable about what Real Hair Extensions are and how they are different from Synthetic Hair Extensions.

Please read below outlined points to learn why choose Real Hair Extensions over Synthetic ones:


Human Hair Extensions are created from harvested Human Hair, so they look, feel and act just like your own hair. It blends seamlessly with your original hair hence, looks super-natural and smooth.
Synthetic Hair Extensions are created from man-made fibres using special technology to make the hair look and appear real. However, it might stand out and look fake.


As Natural Hair Extensions are made up of Real Hair, it lasts for years depending upon how you take care of it. Hence, they are durable and long-lasting.

Instructions for care:

  • Wash your Hair-Extensions using gentle and sulphate free shampoo. Condition the end with mild conditioner.
  • After washing, just run your fingers through them to remove all tangles before letting them air dry! Avoid excessive heating.
  • Brush your Extensions from bottom working your way up.
  • Store your Extensions with love in a box big enough to accommodate them While Synthetic Hair Extensions lasts approximately for 1-3 months as they are made up of fibres & plastic.


Human Hair Extensions are heat-friendly. It can be styled in different ways just like your own hair. You can achieve your desired look such as Loose Curls, Pony-Tails, Buns, or Half-Tied Braids, etc. Moreover, Natural Real Hair Extensions can be treated and coloured. Coloured Hair Extensions helps you attain highlighted look without colouring or damaging your own hair. Synthetic Hair Extensions will melt when exposed to heat. Hence, it’s difficult to style, or accessorise. Moreover, Synthetic Hair cannot be treated and coloured.

Summary: Investing in a premium quality Human Hair Extensions will be a smart move as it’s a one time spent attaining Natural Look, Longer Durability and ability to style and colour just like your own hair! So hurry up Girls, We are ready to help you look Gorgeous and Confident with our 100% Human Hair Extensions.