Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying Natural Hair Topper

In the present era, hair toppers or wigs or extensions are not big discoveries at all! It has become a well-known fashion element as well, but people still chasing hair toppers that blend with natural hair perfectly. To buy the perfect hair toppers or extensions you need to understand what your hair colour is, and buy according to that. In that way, your hair toppers will perfectly blend with your original hair colour However, in this blog, we will discuss a few important questions you should ask yourself before buying a natural hair topper! 

 natural hair topper

Q1. What will be size of your natural hair toppers?

Well, before you get your first hair topper, this is a fantastic question to ask yourself since getting the right size is crucial. Therefore, you should measure the area of your head where your hair is thinning and then select a hair accessory that is large enough to cover it. In order to better grab your healthy hair in case of failure, the hair topper you select should be at least 2 cm bigger than the assessed region. The length is crucial as well. Simply consult the hair size chart and select short hair toppers for thinning hair if your hair is short. 

Q2. What density should the natural hair toppers be? 

This has a lot to do with the stage of your hair loss. The dividing line for hair density is 130%. When you are just starting out, you can pick a hair topper with a lesser density as long as it is breathable, light, and easily blends in with your natural hair. If you are in the advanced stage, a standard-density hair topper will enough to restore your gorgeous image. For women who have advanced hair loss, a high-density (more than 130%) hair top is advised. A wig, however, can be a more comfortable option for you if the region of losing hair is too extensive.

Q3. What colour and length should you choose? 

That all depends on your preferences. You should select a hue that is comparable to your natural hair, with the exception of artists who like to try every vivid colour on their heads, to ensure that the hair topper exactly matches your hair. By snapping a photo of oneself in the sun and speaking with customer care, you can find the best shade. One thing to keep in mind is that the colour doesn't have to match your real hair completely; as long as there isn't any dissonance when you wear the hair topper, it will seem natural on you.

Q4. Which one to choose? Human hair or synthetic hair?  

Human hair toppers beat synthetic ones for naturalness thanks to their silky sheen, glossy feel, and colourful float in the air. Contrarily, synthetic hair toppers lack lustre and tangle easily. So, if you have the money, it is always advised to pick human hair toppers.

We at The Gorgeous Hair aim to make every one beautiful with our products. We love to help everyone with our professional guide so that everyone look pretty twitch our affordable hair toppers and extensions. So be bold be gorgeous! 

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