Myths and Facts About Human Hair Wigs and Toppers

Hair toppers and wigs are not uncommon things; rather it has gained huge popularity for the purpose it serves. In other words, hair toppers are not a new word in the fashion industry, it is popular for many years and women welcomed this with an open mind. It is used to give volume to women's hair.

As it has gained popularity all over the world, there are a few misconceptions also arouse over the course of time regarding hair toppers. Well, this article is here to debunk some of the common myths about hair toppers, which everyone should know.  

Hair toppers and hair wigs are the same

This is one of the most common myths highly popular all over the world. Hair toppers and hair wigs are not the same things. A hair wig is designed to cover the entire head, whereas a hair topper only covers small baldness. Suppose you have baldness on your head, in that case, wearing a  crown topper will hide the right part of your hair and it not looks artificial at all.  

The hair toppers are not as bulky as wigs and the wearer feels very light on their head.  While buying a hair topper you must need to focus on the hair colour, while you can buy any color of hair wig, you want. 

Hair toppers are only for those who are facing hair loss 

Yes, it is true that hair toppers mainly conceal baldness, but that does not mean you people who have no baldness can’t buy hair toppers. Anyone can buy hair toppers, especially the crown toppers hair extensions, which will give extra volume to your hair and make you look prettier in front of others. According to many hair stylists, hair toppers can be the best solution for women looking to up their hair game.

You can’t wear two hair toppers at the same time

Another very important yet common myth is you can't wear more than one hair topper on your head at a time. You can wear more than one hair topper at a single time. You can wear more than one hair topper in different areas of hair thinning in your head. Not only will that, wearing multiple hair toppers give your hair good volume and great coverage for sure. 

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