Is It Okay to Swim While Wearing Hair Extensions? Things You Should Know

Is there anyone who doesn’t love swimming? It is the most refreshing way to do exercise! And who doesn't want to look sexy and stylish at those parties?! Summers are made for pool parties, and for ladies, parties mean looking gorgeous and beautiful even in the pool parties and hair extensions are one of the top listed items that could be used in a party! 

hair extensions

Now maybe you are thinking, is it okay to wear expensive hair extensions and toppers in those chlorine-filled pools? Well, this blog is all about this topic. So if you want to know, read this blog. we are happy and always happy to help.

Well, yes we all know that chlorine-filled pools are not good for your original hair, then how it could be good for hair extensions and toppers?! But that doesn't mean you don’t wear those hair accessories at those gorgeous parties, you can absolutely wear them after following some precautions. 

But first, you need to understand the problems people mainly face. 

It is known by all that hair extensions need gentle care just like natural hair. Not only that, the hair extension isn’t getting nutrition like your natural hair, so you need to take some special care for sure. The chlorine can ruin the shine of your extensions and it will become a tangled mess when they are exposed to water. The bond between the extension become weak, and if you are wearing the tape-in extensions they will get damaged and leave you regretting your decision of wearing at a pool party.

But there is a chance to make things right, where you can wear the extensions at your pool parties without worrying much. For that, you need to do a few things before jumping into the pool. 

It is true that human hair extensions are made of real hair and that's why they need special treatment, so first of all you need to wet your hair extensions with chlorine-free water so that they won't absorb the pool water, then apply any nourishing oil, as it works as a barrier and prevents chlorine from seeping in the wefts.  

After that, you can use a hair pack which is made with natural products, as they will help your hair and keep the human hair extensions soft and help you to look glamorous water mermaid at your pool parties.   

You can also wear swimming pool caps to prevent any damage to your natural hair and your extensions, but most of the time people don’t want to go with these pool caps. However, there are some post-swimming hair extension cares that you need to follow.     

After returning from the party, you should rinse the hair extension properly. Remember to wash it with gentle extension shampoo and after that use a conditioner to replenish the lost moisture. Rinse properly with cold water to seal the cuticle and keep the moisture locked in.  

After rinsing it thoroughly, let it dry naturally or use a hair dryer to make it dry, then brush the extension and get rid of all the tangles, (you can use a detangling brush as well). Don’t rub or scrub the extensions it will ruin the joints.     

That’s all! These are the most common thing you can do before and after the pool parties to make sure your extensions are in a good state. However, keep these things in your mind and enjoy your pool parties. Be bold, and be gorgeous always!  

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