How To Wash Your Human Hair Wigs and Extensions?

Wigs and hair extensions are no more taboo at all. They have become a good fashion accessory for those who love to look stylish always. Now you have bought a good quality hair wig for women from a well-populated online hair extension shop, but you don’t know how to clean them, then how will you make them useful for a longer time? 

Being a new wig user it is highly problematic. If you are a new wig or extension user, and you don’t have any idea on how to wash the product? Then this blog is for you! In this blog, we will give you a few tips and tricks so that you can wash your wigs and extensions properly without any hesitation. 

How To Wash Your Human Hair Wigs and Extensions

So keep reading this blog and you will get to know…. 

Before you go for washing your wigs or extensions, you should detangle the wig and extension properly. Use wide-tooth wig combs or brush to detangle it properly. Start at the ends and work your way up to the roots of your wig to untangle it.

If you have a lace wig, then first you should remove as much adhesive and debris as possible. You can accomplish this by carefully brushing away any residue or buildup with a wig adhesive remover and/or a wig brush. Take additional caution during this step if you have a lace front wig to avoid damaging the lace.  

Also, you can use good hair oil before using any hair extension or wig shampoo. This keeps your wig sleek and detangled while also retaining moisture during the shampooing process. As the human hair wigs for women are created with natural hair, using a little bit of oil will not harm them at all.   

It is recommended that you should use lukewarm water while washing your wigs. Now you are thinking about what kind of shampoo you need to use while washing the wigs and extensions, well you can go with sulfate and paraben-free shampoos so that the wigs become frizz-free and smooth. 

Now you are thinking “Do I need to use conditioner as well?”

Well, if you want to have a luscious wig or extension for a long time then you should need to use conditioner. It is required for wigs to seem fresh, silky, moisturized, and shiny. Ultimately, this will help the artwork last longer. To maintain it healthy in the long run, always use a moisturizing conditioner. Then leave it to dry properly, (here you can use a hairdryer and while drying your wigs try to brush them gently). 

For various reasons, it is critical to wash your wig on a regular basis. Washing your human hair wig keeps it looking beautiful and extends its life. Regular washing also minimizes frizziness, tangles, and mats, keeps shine, and adds luster in the wigs and extensions. Using the appropriate technique when washing your wig will also help you avoid ripping and stretching damage. 

So that’s all! These are the few tips you should follow while you are washing your lovely wigs and extensions. Grab the all natural hair wigs for ladies from a well known brand like us and you are good to go! 

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