How to Take Proper Care of Your Hair Extensions During the Indian Festivals

Are you one of those who love to look beautiful during festivals? Well, many women love to use hair extensions during the festival season, and they actually give extra volume to women's hair. But most of the time the extensions got ruined after the festivals. If you don’t want to ruin your hair extensions, then you need to follow a few things. This blog is here to tell a few things that you should follow during the festivals and after the festivals as well to maintain the beauty of the hair extensions. 

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So read this blog to know what to do and how to take proper care of your hair extensions during the festive time!  

The first thing you should do before going out in the festive season is prepare your extensions for upcoming situations.  

First, wash and condition your hair extensions properly. This will help them look new and shiny, and conditioning your hair also helps to prevent any type of tangles from forming in the first place. 

Then you should use heat protectant spray so that any hair styling product can't do any harm to your hair extensions. If you are using actual human hair extensions, then you can easily use any styling product, the heat protectant spray will save your extension from dryness, brittleness and breakage. 

Festive days are pretty chaotic, there are a lot of junk foods oily foods, lots of friendly outings, and parties, and all of these things will affect your hair extensions brutally, as hair extensions are not able to take nutrition for your scalp like your regular hair, right!

Remember, while you are enjoying the festive season outside your house, heat and humidity can be a real danger for your hair extensions. So if you feel that your extensions are getting hot then try to find a shade or use umbrellas.  

If the weather is rainy or has high humidity, then you should use a head scarf to protect your hair extensions. There are plenty of options available that you can use to protect your hair extensions. 

Also make sure, after using the hair extensions you should store them properly. Make sure you comb it thoroughly so that there is no tangle and then keep it in its box. Remember to dry out your extension before storing, so that the damp won't affect the extensions easily.  

These are the most important things one hair extension user should keep in mind! If you follow all these points, then your extensions will remain perfect for a long time.  

So, follow these steps and look gorgeous this festive season and make yourself proud!

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