How to Store Your Hair Pieces Properly?

Hair pieces are the most amazing thing, until or unless you take proper care of them. Owning a human hair wig is not a big deal, but taking care of the pieces needs a little work. No matter if you have a hair topper or any other type of extension, you must know the best way to store it.

But do you know how to store your human hair wig or normal hair extension? Well, this blog looks at how to store hair pieces properly and how to avoid mistakes if you want to make your wig or extensions last longer.

If you have hair wigs, then you must need to have a wig head or at least a stand. Because the wig stands to make the wigs more accessible and help them to retain their shape. So from now on never store your hair wigs without any wig heads or stands. It will keep your wigs in shape for a longer time.

 Now if you are having a beautiful crown topper hair extension then always avoid storing your hairpieces in those places which are highly exposed to direct sunlight or excess heat. Because these conditions will dull the hair colour and affect the hair fibers badly. It is always suggested to keep your hairpieces in cool and dry places. Also, while storing your hair extensions make sure to store them in a cool and dry place and keep it out of reach from kids and pets.

 If you are not able to buy wig stands, and can't find any other storage option for your wigs at the instance, then it is better to keep the hair wigs in their original packaging. Most of the time wigs come in a proper box which doesn’t affect their original shape. It is a cost-effective option for instance, but it is preferred to store it in a proper wig stand. 

 Although you can store the crown toppers on your wig heads, it will help you crown toppers in shape, and always remember to comb them thoroughly so that there is no tangle. Storing your topper in a bag is also great especially when you are traveling with it.

 Buying a good quality hair wig or crown toppers or simple hair extensions is not a big deal, but keeping it safe and sound is indeed great work! so that you can use it again and again. 

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