Hair Fall: Why It Happens And How To Get Your Natural Look Back?

You might have asked yourself the following questions: Why is my hair shedding?  Or, is the amount of hair I am shedding normal?  Well Hair fall has become a common affair in our lives! It can be embarrassing, frustrating. But don’t worry. Relax. We can add extra volume and length to gift your original look back with The Gorgeous Hair Extensions and Wigs. These are 100% Natural Human Hair which can be Styled, Coloured or Washed. It’s a perfect hair solution retaining your natural look and feel.

There is no real way to get away from those loose hair strands. However, the good news is, it is ideally possible to retain your look and focus on more important things.

In this Blog, We shall discuss Hair Solutions to help you get your Dream Hair again:


Crown Balding and Receding Hairlines is a major concern today. Almost every individual is suffering from this challenge irrespective of age. There could be many reasons such as Pregnancy, Poor Eating Habits, Pollution, Medical Treatment, Stress and much more. It is highly embarrassing to move around. However, you can easily get your confident back wearing The Gorgeous Hair Topper Extensions.

Topper Hair Extensions as the name implies is best for providing complete coverage for your crown baldness. Top Pieces are the real solution for woman recovering from continuous hair loss or undergoing any medical treatment. These are attached to your receding hair-line and secured around the perimeter in order to help protect your hair and improve its look.

The Gorgeous Hair Mumbai customises in different lengths and density depending upon your requirement. A medium density Topper is ideally advisable to achieve natural look. It can be parted freely in any direction without having to leave any of your natural hair exposed.

Why Choose Topper Hair Extensions?

✓Gives a natural and seamless look

✓Improves your appearance

✓Comfortable and Light-Weight

✓Easy to wear in no time

✓Ability to part freely

✓Protects your Natural Hair

✓ A perfect substitute of Wig


You might have hair on the crown area. But might be losing hair from the back. Now your wait is over. You can instantly achieve your lost volume and length at home. This is possible with The Gorgeous Clip-in Extensions.

Clip-In Hair Extensions are the simplest form of extensions. It is bundled in a head set of 8 pieces which can be attached individually to achieve any hair-do. The Gorgeous Hair Mumbai offers 100% Remy Human Hair, which can be Washed, Dyed or Coloured. You can add little joys to your hair by ironing, curling or twirling them according to your mood and style.

Why choose Clip-In Hair Extensions?

 ✓ Easy-to-attach and remove in no time

✓ Seamless blend with instant volume and thickness

✓ Perfect for creating any hair-style

✓ No salon professional help required

✓ Optimum Comfort


Full Lace Wigs are the most realistic solution whether purchasing due to medical condition where hair loss is prominent, or purchasing just as a fashion accessory. The ease of use, natural appearance and life like feel of full lace wigs are the added benefits which synthetic or other wigs cannot offer. The Gorgeous Hair Mumbai offers Wigs made up of 100% Natural Human Hair which makes it impossible for an outsider to spot the wig except for the individual who is wearing it.

Why Choose Full Lace Wigs?

✓ Ability to wear in different styles

✓ Comfortable and Light-weight

✓ Available in multiple designs, lengths and colours

✓ lasts forever if you take proper care

 Fingers crossed that with these Hair Solutions you would be able to get your dream hair look and focus on more important things. Because when your hair’s on point, you can handle anything. Look Gorgeous, Look Confident!