Hair Extensions Care Tips during festival of HOLI

Holi is a festival of colors, water balloons and freedom celebrated in india. Holi has now become popular and is celebrated for its sheer color craziness all over the world. However, how colourful it is to play holi, it can be equally harmful for our skin and hair as the colors used might be of low grade and contain chemical which when applied can cause your scalp to dry out and even damage your hair. But for all the fun and joy we get by playing holi, it is impossible to dodge the chemical colors applied on the hair. Its better to be stay protected before and after holi celebration. Below are some tips to protect your hair from fierce and harsh chemical colors.

OILING OF HAIR: The easiest and most common tip is to oil your hair and scalp with coconut or olive oil before the celebration of holi. Same oil can also be applied to your hair extensions or hair toppers if you wish to wear them during the celebration. This will help you to wash your hair, hair extension and even topper easier after the color play. Bandana and scarf coverage: Covering your hair extensions and toppers while celebration with bandana or scarf is a very good option to keep them safe and avoid direct contact with harsh chemical color play. Washing of hair Extensions after Holi celebration: Brush your hair extensions or hair topper before putting them in water so that all the extra color which sits on top of your hair extensions or hair topper is removed. Then rinse your hair extensions/hair topper under running lukewarm sink water, apply any sulphate free shampoo and wash your extension gently. Pre oiling the extensions or toppers before the celebration will help you with shampooing them after holi celebration. Conditioning of hair extensions/toppers is the next important step, leave the conditioner for 5-10 minutes from top to bottom of the hair extension/hair topper before rinsing it again with running tap water. Brush it again and leave it to air dry or blow dry.