Hair Extensions: A Must Have In Your Vanity

The Gorgeous Hair Extensions are made for all of life’s moments. They are for your Big Days, little days and everything in between. They can be worn to Nightclubs or to Book Clubs. They are carried when you say “I do” to when you walk down the grocery aisle. The Gorgeous Hair Extensions are for anyone, any day, anywhere. It has become a must have in everyone’s vanity kit.

It is very important to pick right kind of Hair Extensions to get the desired look that you want. Which extensions will suit you or what is best for you clearly depends on what sort of look you desire. This blog will guide you regarding different kinds of Hair Extensions that The Gorgeous Hair offers and what suits your requirements are the ones for YOU.


The Gorgeous Hair Clip-In Extensions comes with a set of eight wefts including pair of 4, 3, 2 and 1 clips. They are for the ones who need volume on their entire head. The set of eight pieces allows you to make any kind of hairstyle requiring volume on all sides i.e. back, crown and sides. The Gorgeous Hair Clip-ins are hairstylist’s favourite accessory as it allows them to experiment with different hairstyles on their clients. They blend in so well that you cannot make out the difference between your hair and the extensions.

The weight of The Gorgeous Hair clip-ins is 120 grams which is divided in eight parts starting from a length of 16 inches to 26 inches. As compared to ear to ear patch clip-ins are light for head to carry as their weight has been divided. The number of wefts can be used according to the requirement in hairstyle. You just need to understand how to section your hair and then clipping them on your hair. Make sure you leave enough hair on the top of your head to hide any clips.


The Gorgeous Hair Volumiser is a single patch attached ear to ear at the back. It is best for ones who needs instant Volume and Length at the back specifically. It comes with 4-5 clips and is very easy to clip-in and out as per your requirement. It gives you instant length and volume in no time at all. For anyone looking for the easiest ways to style the hair may start with these extensions. It gives you added length and volume that you have always been craving for. The Gorgeous Hair Volumisers weigh 120 grams starting from a length of 16 inches to 26 inches. For those who wish to have longer and fuller curls, these extensions are for you. You just need to part your hair from ear to ear and clip the Hair Extensions to achieve your dream hair.