Effective Tips To Choose The Right Hair Extension Length To Enhance Your Beauty

If you are planning to buy hair extensions for the first time but can’t find out how to choose the right hair extensions, then here we are happy to help you! Being a well-known hair extensions and wig-selling website we love to guide our new visitors and buyers. There is no shame in learning new things, and if you don’t understand how to choose the right hair extension length to have a seamless blend and natural-looking result then you can trust us!  

So follow our guide to know effective tips on choosing the right hair extension length which helps enhance your beauty.  

Effective Tips To Choose The Right Hair Extension Length To Enhance Your Beauty

You must first take your lifestyle and hair goals into account. How will you make up for your hair's thinning? Given that you are purchasing a few invisible side patches of hair extensions. Consider your normal routine and whether you style your hair every day or just on special occasions. Maintaining your hair extension is similar to taking care of your own hair, but there are several steps you can take to keep it looking its best and in excellent condition for several appointments.   

Choosing the right hair extensions is very important to get the exact look you thought of with a seamless blend. At first, you must consider how the hair extensions fall and sit against your body. Hair extensions are not a one size fits all product, for example, 20-inch hair extensions may look longer on you but just the right length for your hair.  

Also, you can adjust the hair extensions after applying them to your hair, if you feel like they match properly, you can cut it according to your requirements.  

Well, that’s not all, before you go buying any random hair extensions you must know these little things. 

  • For longer hair, you should opt for hair extension packages containing up to 120 grams of hair. However, choose 2 packs of grams if you want a dramatic look. Try our 26-inch long hair extensions, or choose slightly shorter ones at 24 inches. 
  • For short hair, you should opt for a minimum of 6-7 inches of hair extension packages. Selecting shorter-length extensions is ideal if your hair is short. A poor mix could arise from selecting hair extensions that are longer than six inches compared to your original hair. For the greatest look, try our 16- or 14-inch hair extensions.
  • Now you are thinking what will you do as you have medium hair? Not to worry at all! We have the perfect thing for you. Even while shoulder-length hair is lovely, we understand how it feels to want longer hair. You may get the extra length and volume you want with our 18-, 20-, or 22-inch extensions. 

We recognize that determining the length of your natural hair can be challenging. Thick hair requires different care than longer hair and thin hair can be challenging to work with, necessitating the acquisition of high-quality extensions and specialized tools. Your head's crown may become compressed if you overly lengthen and thicken your hair. As a result, we advise that your hair extensions should only be three to four inches longer than your original hair. 

One of the simplest and most reliable methods for determining the length of your natural hair in inches is to use a measuring tape.

  • Take a tiny sample of hair to measure:

Press the end of a delicate tape measure against your scalp with one hand. To guide the tape measure down the desired measurement area of hair, use your free hand.
Write down the number at the end of your hair. You will be able to choose the appropriate length of hair extensions once you are aware of the length of your natural hair.

So now you don't have to worry about hair thinning, you can easily buy our products, from invisible side hair patches to normal hair extensions and wigs you can find different types of products on our website. So, contact our professionals for more details.