Effective Summer Tips for Your Hair Extensions

Are you one of those who love to use hair extensions every season? To beach days to normal parties, hair extensions are an important item when it comes to styling. Hair extensions are actually the problem-solving item that every girl dreams of especially while she is facing numerous hair shedding. 

Anyone can use hair extensions in any season, no matter is summer or winter! Although both seasons need different care for hair extensions. Winter hair extension is far more different than summer care. 

It is very true that hair extensions give beautiful look in summer but the fun of summer can be very harsh on your hair extensions. Especially if you use hair extensions on the beach or love to swim in the sea while wearing the extensions. Saltwater, sweat, sunbathing, and swimming can ruin your hair extensions and makes them more tangled and frizzy which is not good for your hair extensions. 

 No matter if crown coverage or different types of bang hair extensions, you need to do the same care, especially in the summer season. You should treat hair extension like your natural hair, comb it gently, and use proper shampoo and conditioner no matter what the season is. 

If you want to enjoy the sea or any pool party wearing your extension then you should soak your hair extensions soak with fresh water. Hair extensions will sustain less damage if it has already absorbed fresh water since chlorine or salt will not absorb as deeply. Applying conditioner is also recommended for further protection. Or you can use a swimming cap as well! When it comes to coloured strands of hair extensions, should be extra precautious. You should follow all the precautions so the saltwater or chlorine water doesn't affect much to your hair extensions much. 

 Do you know your sun and skin care products can be a treat to your clip-in hair extension or bangs extensions?! Any lotion used on the face, such as sunscreen, has the potential to get in the hairline and interfere with the tapes, leading to their loosening. Always wash or rinse your hands after using lotions to prevent product residue from getting into your hair. Also, wait until any lotion on your face has fully absorbed into your skin before going outside in the sun or swimming.

 Always use hats to protect your lovely hair extensions from high-heating Sunlight and wind. It can ruin the colour of your hair extensions it also protects your hair from unwanted dryness. So follow these guides and glow with your extensions. 

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