DIY Winter Hacks To Keep Your Hair Extensions Flawless And Beautiful

Are you one of them who feels that their hair extensions got dry and rough during winter season? Winter is indeed a very harsh and dry season, and in this season hair extensions, toppers and wigs need a little more care than the usual ones. There are many professional hair stylists who always say that the winter season means human hair needs extra care, and when human hair needs extra care then it is obvious that the actual human hair extensions, toppers and wigs need more care than you think. 

 DIY Winter Hacks To Keep Your Hair Extensions Flawless And Beautiful

That’s why this blog is here to tell a few DIY hacks on how to take care of your precious hair extensions, toppers and wigs. To know more about the hacks you can stick with this blog.  

First of all, you need to make a routine on how to take care of, what to apply and more intensely when to apply. Because hydration is very important in the winter season. If you have any hair extensions, toppers and wigs made of actual human hair, you need to apply proper hair masks to hydrate them properly. You can use hair masks made of avocado, eggs, coconut oil, banana, aloe vera and many other things as well. You can also use store-bought products as well, as there are plenty of online websites from where you can buy various types of hair masks within your budget.  

Another big thing to keep in mind is static electricity and flyways are very real thing when it comes hair extensions especially in the winter season. This can be happen for wearing scarfs, hats and beanies. Our professionals recommended our clients that they should always carry a travel brush with them to tackle any unwanted tangles while wearing them. A silk pillowcase is among the most essential items a client requires all year long. Our hairdressers also suggested wearing a silk scarf wrapped across the top of your hair before donning a hat or beanies. When wearing these kinds of clothes in the winter, this can assist reduce the friction and static that can happen. 

Our professionals also suggest out clients not to over wash the hair extensions, toppers or wigs. There are many websites to buy shampoo especially made of for the hair extensions. As winter season is harsh and dull, excessive washing can take away moisture from the hair extensions and leave it with a dull look. So say no to excessive hair extensions.  

Last but not the least, especially for hair extensions, toppers and wigs that don’t store them wet. This will ruin them permanently, suppose you have washed your extensions this morning, then you should leave it for air dry, or use blow drier. Dry them completely then store them after brushing. Remember actual human hair extension, toppers and wigs are delicate and you should use them delicately. 

These are simple hacks which can use during winter season to keep luscious locks perfectly beautiful. Well, there are more instructions available, if you want to more you can talk to our specialist, who can guide you properly. So why wait to hit the season? Start taking care of yours from today so that it can run long!   


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