Common Wig and Hair Topper Problems and How to Solve That

Wigs and hair extensions are the easiest way to get different types of hairstyle at once! People all over the world have understood the benefits of using a wig or hair toppers or extensions, and maybe this is why it has gotten so many acceptances. 

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Hair toppers and wigs are an excellent way to transform your style and look and give your confidence a boost. But according to many, wearing hair toppers or wigs are little bit difficult. This blog is here to talk about those problems and how to handle those problems genuinely.  

So be with this blog to know more about the problem and how to deal with that! 

One of the most common and unsolved problems is itchy scalps! Wearing low-quality hair toppers or wigs can cause you itchy scalp, which is very uncomfortable and irritating to tolerate, not only that it can harm the skin of your scalp. 

Now why this happens? Well, this can happen for many reasons, if your scalp gets sweaty, then it can happen, if the wig is too tight, then it could create much pressure on the scalp which can cause irritation. Not only that, the irritation can cause if the quality of the wig or hair topper is poor. 

So whenever you are buying wigs or hair toppers, you must keep in mind that buying poor quality products can harm your scalp deeply. Not only that you should be sure that your wig cap is properly sized, also always go for wigs hair toppers with good ventilation to prevent excess heat. 

If you are a regular user of wigs and toppers, then maybe it is better to use premium-quality human hair toppers

Another big problem is sliding wigs, and this is the most frustrating problem one could face. It mainly happens with wigs. It may happen if your wig is not perfectly fit on your head. Sometimes it can cause poor-quality base material which makes it difficult for the wig to stay in place. While you are buying try to go for a full lace wig, as it grips better than a half wig or a clip-in hair piece.  

At first, you need to consider using a wig grip or a headband to keep the wig in place, and then make sure the wig cap is the right size and fit, as this can affect how well the wig stays in place.  

Last but not least is tangling hair! When it comes to wigs or hair toppers or hair extensions, tangling is the most facing problem. There can be many reasons that can tangle your wigs or hair extensions. It can be caused by friction, or it can cause by strong wind or humidity which makes the hair tangled. 

In this case, to avoid the tangling, be gentle with wigs, toppers or extensions. Comb it thoroughly so that there will be no tangles, and use appropriate products to keep silky and shiny! Store your products in protective bags when you are not using that to prevent tangling and damage.  

These are the most common problems and difficulties that most women face while using wigs and hair toppers. To avoid these problems try to follow the solutions mentioned above!   


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