Common hair extensions mistakes and how to avoid them

Hair extensions are not a new thing, it has become very popular, especially among the youth. The beauty influencers on social media make it seem very easy, get your hair extensions, put them on and you are ready to go. Well, they are not entirely incorrect, especially while you are using clip-in extensions. After all, clip-in extensions are shorter than regular hair extensions.
But whether you select clip-ins, tape-ins, or a longer-term option, it's all too easy to make beginner mistakes and ruin your brand-new hair as a newcomer to the world of hair extensions. Since real human hair extensions are a long-term investment, it is obvious that you wish to avoid this at all costs.

So let’s pay a closer look at the most common mistakes one could have done while handling real hair extensions.

Sleeping with your clip-in extensions is the most common mistake, and it truly ruins hair extensions. The beauty of the extension will damage and ruin the roots of the hair and leave it with many knots and tangles. Remember your hair extension is an accessory to make you look gorgeous not your natural hair. So always remember to remove and store your hair extensions before bed after a night of partying. If not you will wake up to a nest of knotted hair extensions.

Next is brushing your clip-in extensions aggressively. No matter the kind, treating your hair extensions harshly enough will reduce their durability, shine, and structure. When you brush your hair extensions harshly, they shed quickly, losing volume and changing how well your own hair complements them.

Your hair extensions must be maintained if you want them to last. Utilizing improper hair care products will reduce the longevity of the extensions because each type of extension has different aftercare recommendations.

Keep in mind that 100% human hair is used to create hair extensions, which means they can get damaged just like your own hair. It is essential to keep your extensions moisturized at all times because extensions do not receive natural nutrients like your bio hair, which is why using the wrong products can be harmful.

Last but not least is not following a proper hair maintenance routine for your extensions. Real hair extensions need a proper hair care routine. To avoid knots you should brush your hair extensions thoroughly by using a professional de-tangling brush. Regular brush your extensions and use good shampoo and conditioner so your extensions will maintain the quality the extensions

So now you know what are the most common mistakes you might be making with your hair extensions. To keep your hair extensions pretty and bouncy you shouldn’t do these mistakes.

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