4 Unique Hairstyles You Can Do With Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are not unsolved puzzles anymore! It has won thousands of hearts over the decades with its amazing usage. From celebrities to normal people hair extensions are a must use for everyone! It not only gives more texture to a person’s hair but also makes the look more significant and beautiful. 
 4 Unique Hairstyles You Can Do With Hair Extensions

If you’re a new user of hair extensions or toppers or any other clip-in bangs or any of these types of items, then it is for sure that you want to do some beautiful hairstyles with the hair extensions. Well, this blog is here to describe to you how to do perfect hairstyles with extensions. 

So, let's start?!  

Low and elegant ponytail

This is one of the best and easiest hairstyles anyone can do. It is just perfect for every occasion, you can attain school or college. Not only that, if you are an office goer, then you can absolutely go with this sure, it is also perfect for your long sunny road trip and for a casual date as well!  

How to get this hairstyle?  

This hairstyle is perfect for those days when you feel lazy and don't want to wash your hair! First of all, attach your hair extensions  with your original hair, comb them thoroughly, and use bobby pins to secure it in place as you wrap them around the top of your hair tie to hide them. Make your hairstyle a little messy (the messy hairstyle is leading the fashion world), it will give you a more comfortable look. Use hairspray to hold this style in place while leaving a few wispy strands on either side of your face to frame your face.   

The half-done updo

This is another beautiful hairstyle where you can easily hide your extensions. This is a very easy and time-saving hair updo where you don't have to waste more than 10 minutes for this updo. It is a very beautiful hair updo for all ages, where you can hide your extensions.  

How to get this half-hair updo style?

Comb your hair properly, make sure there are no knots, clip in your hair toppers  properly, then take half hair from your crown section and make a loose bun with that! Secure it with bobby pins and hair spray and you are good to go! This hairstyle gives a very romantic and cool look, and it is perfect for every occasion!  

Fishtail crown braid 

Another beautiful and romantic hairstyle that can change your look in a small amount of time. It is a very easy and simple hairstyle that provides a delicate and feminine look within minutes. In this hairstyle, you can add small flowers, pearls, or any other hair accessories to make it more romantic and classy.    

How to get this beautiful hairstyle?

Loose all the knots in your hair, comb properly, add your clip-in hair bangs and toppers, then take hair from the front portion of your crown section, and start to make a fishtail braid. Make sure this braid won't get loose, and secure it with proper bobby pins. This is a very pretty hairstyle and perfect for your romantic dates, and girly outings.  

Loose messy buns and beautiful fringes 

This is another beautiful hair updo for lazy coffee dates. It is a very cute and comfortable hairstyle for all women. This hairstyle is perfect for school, colleges, offices, and even simple winter day picnics.    

How to get this hairstyle?

To get this beautiful look, you need to add your hair toppers to your crown and then take all of them and make a bun with that. To make the hairstyle more romantic, you can use clip-in fringes, which will give a cute and pretty look instance.  

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