Once you have your the gorgeous clip-in hair extensions bought, you would be excited to wear them. We offer different types of hair extensions with which you can style and volumize your hair like; volume hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, permanent hair extensions. But have you thought about different ways of styling clip-in hair extensions to make it look more natural and fabulous. Styling Clip-in hair extensions for the first time will be bit over-whelming especially if you have long lengths added. We have different types of clip-in extensions- 4-set clip-in extensions, 8-set clip-in extensions, ombre clip-in extensions. But don’t worry, with right technique and bit of practice you will be able to blow, wave and curl them beautifully.

In this blog, we shall tell you how to put hair extensions in as well as styling tips you can use on your clip-ins.



     Step 1: Part your hair into top and bottom section just above the ears

     Step 2: Clip-in your first weft with 4 clips

     Step 3: Let your hair fall on the Hair Extensions

     Step 4: Repeat step 2 and 3 using other wefts (3 and 2 clips)

     Step 5: Add one-clip weft in the front on both sides to lift length and volume



     Style 1: Hair Braids

An overnight braid hairstyle is quickest and easiest to blend it your clip-in hair extensions with your hair. To achieve it, simply braid your hair before bed depending on how wavy and soft look you want. Apply a hair gel over every braid to get perfect waves next morning. Braid your hair extensions too exactly in the same manner you braided your hair to match the texture and waves. Apply same hair gel to hair extensions too. Sleep on a silk pillowcase so that your hair doesn’t get frizzy. Take a beauty sleep and let the waves go loose. Good Morning! It’s time to unravel your braids. Remove the braids both from your hair and hair extensions to get seamless waves. Put your hair extensions and gently run your fingers on them. Wow! You are all set to thrive.

     Style 2: Straight Hair Look

If you wish to rock straight look, you need to straighten your hair and clip-in hair extensions in the same manner to get that seamless blend. Before straightening your hair, apply a frizz cream and then blow dry them. Then straighten them using hair straightener. Later, iron your clip-in hair extensions too. Straightening them separately will lead to neater and fresh look. Now, wear your hair extensions. Again, use the straightener last time to fill the missed area. Slightly curl your hair inwards to blend them together.

In this way, you can put in and style hair extensions differently. To learn more, you can join our Hair Master Class and get your hands in creating unique hairstyles and looks.

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Till then, Look Gorgeous, Look Confident!