Crown thinning, Receding hair line, scanty/bald crown area are all problems that many women face these days, and Crown hair toppers are the answer.

But choosing the right human hair topper for the concerned crown area is equally important for getting the right solution.

The three most important factors that govern choosing the right crown thinning toppers are:

1. Base Size of the Topper

The size of the toppers are in direct relation with the size of the concerned or scanty area on the crown. Bigger the crown thinning area bigger the size of the topper.

Gorgeous Human Hair toppers are available usually in two sizes:

Mini or Faux topper: Size 3*5

Mini or faux Scalp topper are best for people who are facing issues like receding hair line or wide parting and when the area of concern is small as displayed in the pictures.



Crown thinning topper: Size 5*5

Crown thinning toppers are best for people who are facing overall crown thinning or scanty crown area. The results are best achieved with Gorgeous crown thinning toppers when the area of concern is bigger as displayed in the pictures.

Gorgeous human hair toppers are also very effective for patients who have lost their hair due to Alopecia or Chemotherapy.



2. Quality of the base

The most important factor in choosing the right hair topper is the quality of the base of the toppers. Gorgeous Human hair toppers are available in two base qualities.

Silk Base Crown Hair Toppers

Gorgeous Silk based crown toppers are the most natural looking hair toppers available in the market. The advantage of the silk base is that the hair knots are not visible at all and the parting and scalp of the topper looks very natural and similar to our own scalp which makes them the premium quality crown human hair toppers.

Gorgeous Silk based toppers are available in Mini and Crown thinning topper size versions.

Lace base Crown Hair Toppers

Lace base crown thinning toppers are budget toppers which are equally good in the hair quality but the only difference is in the base of the topper which makes the hair knots slightly visible in comparison with the silk based toppers.

Best results for women who don’t want to make parting on the crown area.

Gorgeous lace base crown toppers are available in faux and Crown thinning topper size versions.



3. Hair quality, Hair Colour, Hair Length

Gorgeous Human hair toppers are made up of the best quality Remy Human Hair. They can easily be washed, curled, straightened and re-coloured.

While choosing the right hair colour of the topper, one should match the colour of the topper with the root colour of your own hair to get the best results and the most seamless blend.