We at The Gorgeous Hair are specialised in making 100% Natural Human Hair wigs for full head coverage and overall volume. All our human hair wigs are premium quality hand-made wigs that looks natural and real.



Characteristics of Human Hair Wig:

Front Lace Human Hair wigs:

Front lace Human hair wig means the front hair line of the wig is hand-made and each and every strand of the hair are hand tied on the lace area of the wig which makes it absolutely natural looking.

Full Coverage:

 The full head wig which is made up of 100% natural human hair gives full head coverage on the head and can be used if someone is completely bald or have very less/ scanty hair.



Size of Natural Human Hair Wig:

We at The Gorgeous hair make all our Human hair wigs according to a standard size of human head which is in the range of 19.5 inches to 22 inches in circumference.

As per technology advancement and research over the period, all human hair wigs can be adjusted with the help of adjustment loop given at the back inside part of the wig. This method completely eradicates the need of measuring each and every head size before making the wig.

Human Hair wigs can be used by:

People who are looking for full coverage and have lost their hair because of the following reasons.

  • Human Hair wigs for Cancer patients who have lost hair after their chemotherapy sessions.
  • Human Hair wigs for people facing hair loss because of Alopecia or any other medical reason.
  • Human hair wigs for people who want for any styling and a makeover of their hair.



Price of Human hair wig defined by hair length:

Human Hair wigs are available in different hair length. The prices of human hair wigs are defined by the hair length you choose.

Longer the hair length of the wig, higher the price.

Human hair wigs are available in three length options:

  • Shoulder Hair length
  • Medium Hair length
  • Long Hair length

Styling the Human Hair wig:

All our Human hair wigs can be styled as per your own desires. Making any hairstyle is possible, making ponytail, back comb, making bun, braiding or any other hair styles that you want.

As the full head wig is made up of 100% natural human hair, you can style and even colour them or highlight them as per your need.

Maintenance and shelf life of Human Hair wigs:

Human Hair wigs are very easy to maintain. Just like our own hair, we need to wash them with sulphate free shampoo and condition them.

Time of washing: After use of 15-20 times

Air drying or blow drying both are possible.

If used on regular basis for long hours, Human hair wigs can be worn for about 2 years.