Gorgeous Clip-in Hair Extensions are made up of 100% Human Hair which looks natural seamlessly blending with your own hair. Good quality Hair Extension is worth the investment when you see the volume, length and shine that adds to your hair. Hence, it’s very important to take proper care for your hair extensions so your investment is even more worthwhile. In this Blog, we will talk about the Hacks to increase the life of your Hair Extensions.

1. Washing Hair Extensions only when required

A very common myth about hair extensions is that more you wash it, longer it stays. However, this is wrong. Always remember, Over Washing will spoil the product. It is recommended to wash your Clip-in Hair Extensions only after 30 wears. It is not advisable to wash after every wear as it doesn’t has any scalp that will become greasy or oily.

Moreover, wash your hair extensions gently in one direction with a sulphate free shampoo and condition it well for 5-10 minutes.


2. Brushing Hair Extensions rightly

After washing Clip-in Hair Extensions tenderly rinse the water and let it dry in natural air. Once, the extensions are dried brush them with a wide tooth comb. Start at the end and work upwards to remove all the knots. Brush them 2-4 times in a day to prevent any knots from forming and keeping it tangle-free.


3. Storing Hair Extensions

It is very important to store hair extensions at a right place. In case you do purchase from us, you will get special box and packet to store your hair piece. Ideally, it can also be stored in a small box or airtight container away from direct sunlight and keep it in a cool, dry place.

Before storing them, ensure that your hair extensions are properly dried and rightly brushed with all clips closed. You can also roll your hair extensions in case you want a soft wave next time you wear them.


4. Avoid Multiple Hair Products

The more products you use, the more often hair extensions need to be washed, which reduces the lifespan. Also, using tremendous chemical products each time may spoil the hair quality and take time to replenish and repair again leading to over-washing.

Moreover, it is highly recommended to use a heat protect-ant spray before using heating tools on them.


5. Do not wear Hair Extensions while sleeping or bathing

To extend the lifespan of your loved extensions, avoid wearing them while sleeping or bathing.

During sleep, the friction against the pillow could cause the hair to tangle.  The clips can also become loose and pull the hair.  So it’s best to take them off.

During Bathing, water can create knots and you would be in a mess to de-tangle them. Also, the clips may become loose and pull your hair. Hence, it’s best to take them off before shower.

Do you love your Hair Extensions? If yes, you can easily follow the above hacks to increase the length of your Hair Extensions.

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