Every girl dreams of her Fairy Wedding Day since the childhood. It is one of the most precious days in every girl’s life. Each girl desires to look gorgeous with the best dress, the best jewellery and the perfect hairstyle. With the The Gorgeous Hair Extensions, your dream hairstyle can be achieved in minutes without worrying about your own length and volume.

This blog will mention different hairstyles using The Gorgeous Hair Extensions that you can flaunt on your D-Day!


With a Cocktail Gown that made you look stunning and glamorous already, a Gorgeous and Glam hairstyle is must. You need to tune in with the super chic look, so a messy up do with some hair open in the front are the best options among all. Cocktail gowns are the best paired with messy up do’s. The Gorgeous Hair’s set of 8 Clip-in Extensions will enhance your hairstyle perfectly.




If you have a Heavy Traditional Dress with long sleeves, heavy dupatta for your wedding functions, go for a simple hairstyle rather than an elaborate hairstyle which might not make you look like yourself. With a heavy traditional dress, it is best to keep your hair loose at the back with nice curls or waves. The Gorgeous Hair’s Volumizer with 4 inches longer than your hair length will give you the sheer look along keeping it simple and elegant.




If you have a catchy and attractive look when your dress is Off Shoulder or has spaghetti lashes, you have many options in hairstyles. If you want to flaunt your collar-bones and shoulders, you can go for a up do with some hair falling on your shoulder. If you don’t want spicy look, you can simply keep your hair loose with some beach waves or soft curls. Even a side swept ponytail looks good. Bare Shoulder Dress looks good with almost all kinds of hairstyles.




If you are someone who believes in simplicity but yet wants to look different on your Wedding day. You can go for a rich hairstyle including a side messy bun or side braids. Any of these hairstyles will make you look different and exquisite on your big day. Every bride wants to look the best even with simple dress. They never want anyone else to shine more on their day. If you are a bride with short hair, The Gorgeous Hair is there for your rescue. You can choose the extensions of your desired length.



Picking the correct hairstyle to suit your dress will guarantee your Wedding Ring isn’t the main thing that shines on your Special Day.