We always get this question whether it is okay to get your hair coloured every time you wish to change your look? Well, colouring your own hair frequently would not be a good idea because it makes your hair dry, unhealthy and frizzy.

So, what’s the other option? Don’t worry! We have always considered and valued your demands and yet again, here we are with our all-time favourite product – The Gorgeous Coloured Hair Strands.

You will fall in love with our strands because they are fun, colourful, easy to apply, and can make your look go from zero to hundred.

So without wasting any time, let’s dig in with all the looks you can create using our The Gorgeous Coloured Hair Strands.


Everyone loves chilling on the beach in any time of the year when the blue ocean waves to you and it feels just amazing. But it would be much more amazing if you could just create a look using that blue colour into your hair. Yeah right, using our blue-coloured hair strands, you can achieve the perfect look for the beach and use the flat iron to make your hair wavy just the way you wanted. Now you are ready to hit the beach!

Blue hair strands


We can say that these days, lavender is the new black. Every girl these days love pastel colours and getting it on your hair is just perfect. These strands make you look elegant and gorgeous all the time. You can add your vibrant lavender clip-in strand, straighten your hair and get that gorgeous look you always desired.

vibrant lavender (purple) hair strands


Red wine is always a colour every girl desire to get on their own hair once in a lifetime. We can say ‘drink wine, and for a change, wear it.’ You can always go to parties or gatherings, wearing our red wine strands and look gorgeous.

Hot red wine hair strands


Who doesn’t like a little hot pink pop look for the day? You don’t need to be a Barbie to get that hot pink look you desired. Just our clip-in strands would do the needful. Girls always love adding a hot pink colour to their hair to have an attractive and stunning look. It is now possible with the gorgeous hair for sure.


Bubble Gum pink is a colour which gives your face a cute yet gorgeous look. It is one of the colours which give you a blush kind of effect on your face. The ones who choose bubble gum pink are someone who loves being a kid they are from inside. This colour looks amazing on any hair texture and hair style.

bubblegum pink hair strands


ASH GREY colour is one of the most beautiful colours we have in clip-in strands. It is one of the shades which makes you look effortlessly elegant. Just put on your grey clip-in strands, with any hairstyle you like and achieve the look you desire.

ash grey hair strands

Here are 6 of the colours we described for you, but there are more. For further inquiries about any strands, or anything related to hair extensions, You can get in touch at www.thegorgeoushair.com