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  1. Hair Extensions Care Tips during festival of HOLI

    Holi is a festival of colors, water balloons and freedom celebrated in india. Holi has now become popular and is celebrated for its sheer color craziness all over the world. However, how colourful it is to play holi, it can be equally harmful for our skin and hair as the colors used might be of low grade and contain chemical which when applied can cause your scalp to dry out and even damage your hair. But for all the fun and joy we get by playing holi, it is impossible to dodge the chemical colors applied on the hair. Its better to be stay protected before and after holi celebration. Below are some tips to protect your hair from fierce and harsh chemical colors.


    OILING OF HAIR: The easiest and most common tip is to oil your hair and scalp with coconut or olive oil before the celebration of holi. Same oil can also be applied to your hair extensions or hair toppers if you wish to wear them during the celebration. This will help you to wash your hair, hair extension

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  2. Human Hair Wigs

    We at The Gorgeous Hair are specialised in making 100% Natural Human Hair wigs for full head coverage and overall volume. All our human hair wigs are premium quality hand-made wigs that looks natural and real.



    Characteristics of Human Hair Wig:

    Front Lace Human Hair wigs:

    Front lace Human hair wig means the front hair line of the wig is hand-made and each and every strand of the hair are hand tied on the lace area of the wig which makes it absolutely natural looking.

    Full Coverage:

     The full head wig which is made up of 100% natural human hair gives full head coverage on the head and can be used if someone is completely bald or have very less/ scanty hair.


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  3. Categories of Crown Toppers

    Crown toppers or Scalp toppers as the name suggests are products for adding volume to your crown area or top of the scalp.

    People having partial hair loss, crown area thinning, wide parting area or overall less volume on the crown area can use these Crown Toppers. Also people having hair loss due to alopecia or any other medical issue can go for these crown or scalp toppers.

    There are different base qualities of crown toppers which are explained below in detail.




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  4. Invisible Cover Up Patches

    The Gorgeous Invisible Cover-Up Patches are great for covering up a small bald spot, a small hair thinning area and adding a little bit of volume at the same time. These are small Patches that can be used to cover bald spot/ less volume area.

    Cover-Up patch is mainly for people who would like to cover-up their small bald spot or when they have less front volume making their parting wide.

    The Gorgeous Hair Patch is for people who would like to cover-up their small bald spot or when they have less front volume making their parting wide and look shabby.

    Alopecia aerate, also known as spot baldness, is a condition in which hair is lost from some or all areas of the body. Often it results in a few bald spots on the scalp and this product works as a saviour for them.


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  5. Hair Extensions

    Are you planning to invest in a right pair of Hair-Extensions, but not sure if it’s worth-buying?
    We are here to assist you make the right decision.

    In this Blog, we will highlight 5 main reasons why to wear Hair-Extensions:

    1. LENGTH



    • Hair-Extensions are the perfect alternative to get longer hair instantly. Hair-Growth is a natural and slow process. Even if you are using home-remedies, it’s impossible to attain the desired length spontaneously unlike Hair-Extensions.
    • With Clip-In Extensions going from thin to thick hair is just a matter of just few minutes.

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  6. Reasons To Choose Human Hair Extensions Over Synthetic Hair


    There are very few professionally certified 100% Human Hair Extensions brands in India.
    Therefore, you need to research and be knowledgeable about what Real Hair Extensions are and how they are different from Synthetic Hair Extensions.

    Please read below outlined points to learn why choose Real Hair Extensions over Synthetic ones:


    Human Hair Extensions are created from harvested Human Hair, so they look, feel and act just like your own hair. It blends seamlessly with your original hair hence, looks super-natural and smooth.
    Synthetic Hair Extensions are created from man-made fibres using special technology to make the hair look and appear

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  7. Hair Extensions Care: How To Properly Take Care For Your Clip-in Hair Extensions

    Human Hair Extensions are the best options when it comes to adding volume and length to your hair. They are also your styling partner as they can be Curled, Washed, or Coloured to get your Dream Hairstyles. The best part of Human Hair Extensions is that they give you a complete natural look in no time. Also, they are easy-to-wear with no Salon Professional help.

    Ever thought of returning the favour and taking good care of this power-packed product?

    It’s important to get into a healthy Hair-Extension routine from the start because good habits equal longer lasting extensions. Today, we share how you should take good care of your Hair Extensions so that it lasts longer and healthier.

    So, let’s begin to discover The Gorgeous Hair-Extension tips and tricks by our experts:



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  8. Where To Buy Human Hair Wigs In Mumbai

    Have you ever asked someone what wig she’s wearing? You might discover a whole new world of women like you!

    In Today’s era, wearing a Human Hair Wig has become a casual affair. Every woman desires to look gorgeous and a good hair is what makes a woman different. Virtually, almost every celebrity wears hair whether it is extensions, toppers or a Wig. Also, Human Hair Wig is a blessing for those who have lost hair or on the verge of losing. Sit and Relax! A premium quality Hair Wig promises to offer you your natural look back and enhance your beauty again. It gives a more realistic feel than actual human hair.

    Where to Buy Wigs in Mumbai:

    There aren’t many options to purchase high quality wigs in Mumbai. If you do a google search for Wigs in Mumbai, you will see a few places with terrible websites and poor variety.

    However, there is one location where you can find best quality 100% Real Hair Wigs. It is

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  9. Hair Fall: Why It Happens And How To Get Your Natural Look Back?

    You might have asked yourself the following questions: Why is my hair shedding?  Or, is the amount of hair I am shedding normal?  Well Hair fall has become a common affair in our lives! It can be embarrassing, frustrating. But don’t worry. Relax. We can add extra volume and length to gift your original look back with The Gorgeous Hair Extensions and Wigs. These are 100% Natural Human Hair which can be Styled, Coloured or Washed. It’s a perfect hair solution retaining your natural look and feel.

    There is no real way to get away from those loose hair strands. However, the good news is, it is ideally possible to retain your look and focus on more important things.

    In this Blog, We shall discuss Hair Solutions to help you get your Dream Hair again:



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  10. Tape In Hair Extensions In Mumbai

    Hair is the best accessory that a woman wears. Every girl dreams to have Long and Gorgeous hair. However, In Today’s fast moving era, there is hardly any time to take care of your own hair and give the necessary nourishment. This is leading to Hair Loss, Hair Fall, Hair Thinning, Hair Balding and much more. Therefore, it is very important to follow good hair care routine.

    You might be wandering how to get back the lost hair and attain that natural look or enhance your Gorgeous Hair by adding extra volume and length.

    Here, we reveal the secret to achieve Long, Smooth and Voluminous Hair permanently:


    Tape-In Extensions are thin tape wefts that gets “Taped-In” between your hairs like a “sandwich”.  These extensions are about an inch wide. One very thin strip of natural hair goes in between two strips of hair extensions. They are uniquely applied to lay co

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